On the road to Jodhpur.

We had three stops on the trip from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. One for lunch at a nice restaurant with two special features: a collection of veteran cars outside and a huge painting of princes and maharajas inside.

We stopped at a holy lake which was not spectacular, but had some nice scenery.

And then we stopped at a temple (again). The temple itself was not that interesting, but the surroundings were.




24.October. Jodhpur-Chandelao.

Jodhpur is one of the largest cities in Rajasthan. It has been an important city and there are even British riding pants named jodhpurs!

As most  of the cities in the Thar desert it has an impressive fort on a hilltop.DSCF2313DSCF2315

The view from the top of the fort was impressive and I could see why Jodhpur is called “the blue city”.DSCF2320DSCF2321

The pictures also show clearly that city planning was not important when the houses were built. It was impossible to drive a bus i parts of the city.

The houses inside the fort were impressive, but must have been difficult to live in.

Again I took pictures of people.

We stayed two nights in a small town, Chandelao, one hours drive from Jodhpur and we had the sunset as we reached the place.DSCF2345

Tine and Yaser

Our Danish guide in Jordan was Tine. She was an excellent guide and a nice person as well. She looked very Scandinavian, blond and a fair complexion .DSCF1596b

One of the first days she told us that her husband would join us, and I just thought that would be nice.

There are rules for tourist trips in Jordan. We had to have a policeman with us in the bus, and we had to have a Jordanian guide. Only he could speak to us outside the bus. So when a beduin man joined us I thought that was another guide. He came with us and I found him very photogenic.DSCF1525

I showed him this photo and asked him if he wanted a copy, and he did. I told him I needed an e-mail address and he gave me Tine’s. I then asked if Tine would give it to him and he said was no problem. I asked Tine if she had a good printer, and she did not. So I said I would make prints and mail it to her, but then I needed a postal address and it turned out to be in a small town in Jordan. I asked, and she told me she had moved to Jordan and loved it. I did not connect the dots, and seen in hindsight I should have. For when we went to dinner that evening she came with Yaser and introduced him as her husband.DSCF1688

I sat next to them during the dinner and shamelessly asked them how they became a couple. Tine told me that they had met at a friend’s and he became a hiking friend. They had hiked in the neighborhood for 6 months and became very good friends. Then suddenly they found out they were much more than just friends so they got married! Happy ending!

I told them i associated them with the Norwegian expression, salt and pepper. Yaser asked why, I said that salt and pepper is always together on a Norwegian dinner table, an in addition the color of their skin indicated who was salt and who was pepper. They really liked this metaphor and should remember it.

Yaser is a beduin but not a nomad. His ancestors had been, but he had grown up in a cave in Petra, and his mother still lived in that cave. He told that around 20 families still live in caves in Petra. I had not know that and it surprised me.

I really enjoyed meeting Tine and Yaser. They were great people, and even had us for dinner the last evening.DSCF1765b

The musicians at Gorbandh Palace, Jaisalmer

We stayed at Gorbandh Palace Hotel outside Jaisalmer. It is a big hotel and have  both an indoor and outdoor restaurant. The first night we were there, the outdoor restaurant was reserved for a private party, but that had not arrived when I walked by. But the traditional “band” was there sitting on the grass. I asked if I could take pictures, but they asked me to join them. Of course I did.DSCF2189

The leader spoke some English, so we had a good talk. I learned that the music was very traditional and the leader had learned it from his grandfather. They asked me to take pictures of all of them, and I did.

The young girl also had he job to drop rose petals on new guests, and she insisted on dropping some on me as well.DSCF2192

Fort Jaisalmer. October 22.-23.

Jaisalmer is a city in the middle of the Thar desert not far from the Pakistani border. The city is dominated by a fort built several hundred years ago. It is a huge collection of buildings and still is about a quarter of the city’s inhabitants living inside the fort’s walls.DSCF2179DSCF2202

The fort was a maze of “streets”, steps and buildings.DSCF2209DSCF2225DSCF2227

The view from the top was great.

The most impressive buildings we saw was a Jain temple with magnificent carvings.

I saw two signs that I think are interesting, even if they are about very different things.

Of course I also took pictures of people.


Gajner Palace Hotel, Bikaner.

Gajner Palace was mainly a hunting resort during the British rule. It is situated by lake Ganjer and consists of many buildings. One main building around a courtyard with the rooms. The restaurant was in a separate building and addition there are several pavilions and smaller buildings.DSCF2130DSCF2134DSCF2135

For the first time we experienced a “band” with musicians that performed traditional Rajasthan music and dance. They were always sitting on a carpet and seemed always to have 4-5 men and two women.DSCF2090

I was curious so I moved closer and was able to communicate with the women. I was even invited to join the rhythm section of the band, but that was no success. But I got close to them and was able to take some pictures of them.

As can be seen one dance was with jars balancing on the head and even standing on sharp knives. I can confirm they were very sharp as I tested them!