November 3. Samode-Agra.

On our way to Agra we had three stops, on for lunch, one for one of the biggest stepwells in the world and one for another castle.

The lunch was standard and not remarkable, but on the way back to the bus we saw a couple that photographed pre-marriage. So at least they saw each other before the wedding, and they seem to know each other.

The stepwell was huge and deep. The present water looked bad, but it was not i use any more. I must have been heavily renovated as it looked almost like new.

The last castle, Fathepur Sikri, was again a large building complex with several courtyards, buildings and open rooms.

The most interesting room was the room where the maharajah met his four advisers. He was standing in the middle and each adviser had direct access  to him , but not on ground level.


Of course i took pictures of people.


November 2. Samode-Jaipur-Samode.

In Jaipur we visited the palace of the maharajah in the city, but also his castle, named Amber, north of the city.

Amber was a large collection of buildings with several courtyards. It was steep up and the streets were narrow so we changed to smaller cars.

Jaipur is part of “the golden triangle” Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and we were definitly not the only foreign tourists.DSCF3075b

Almost every room we looked into was decorated and I can’t help to think about the craftsmen who did the actual work, they are nameless. I am sure the maharajah did not do a manual thing with the decorations.

Since it was so many people, I found photo objects.

We also visited the maharajah’s residence in Jaipur. The courtyard was filled with old astronomical instruments, solar disks and similar constructions.

Again there were decorations.DSCF3044DSCF3045DSCF3046


When the maharajah should attend a coronation in London he wanted to bring local water. So he made two huge water jars of silver by melting silver coins and he had water the whole trip, back and forth.DSCF3051



November 1. Pushkar-Samode.

It was a relative short distance between Pushkar and Samode. Samode is a relative small village outside Jaipur. The hotel was again a renovated castle and was may be the most memorable hotel on the trip. It is the first time the bathroom actually was three rooms. and the shower cabinet was hexagonal.

We were welcomed with the red spot on our forehead.

Again I don’t think the whole building complex was renovated, but what was done was great.


A spectacular tree was growing by the parking lot.DSCF3024

October 31. Pushkar

Pushkar has the only temple for Brahma and has also holy ponds where the pilgrims could bath themselves. We saw these places.

The pilgrims came from places so far away they had to stay overnight in Pushkar and some clearly slept on the streets.

We walked along the market street and it was crowded. Here are some pictures from there.

A colorful experience and again only friendly people. The Indian people make a great impression on me.

Pushkar-camel market.

They are called camels (two humps) but according to what I learned at school, they are dromedary (one hump).

Pushkar has an annual camel market, where also horses and some cows had a place. We went through the market both at sunset and sunrise the next morning. It is difficult to describe the market so I let pictures of the camels do the job.

What I found was special with the horses was the ears. I am in no way a horse person, but I can not remember to have seen horse ears like these.DSCF2861

Of course there were lots of people there as well and many clearly stayed there overnight.

A one of a kind experience that I really enjoyed and will remember.


October 30. Khumbalgarh-Pushkar.

On our way to the bus we walked a short distance through the village and the locals were friendly and interested.

The hotel close to Pushkar was really good. two-story buildings around a nice courtyard.

And of course it was a “band” in the evening.



Kumbalgarh is a medival castle/fort on the top of a hill.DSCF2744

I sat and waited by the gate while the group climbed to the top. It was very crowded and I was clearly exotic, I don’t think I ever have been photographed so much before, and I also took pictures.

Before sunset we went on a place with a good view towards the castle and waited for 10000 lights to be turned on. And that was great.