My travels- Israel- Caesarea- Haifa


Our first day on our organized tour was spent driving along the coast going north. We stopped at Caesarea on a little too short stop

CaesareaS. WCaesareae had to change car on the road and that  took time. As the name reveals it is from the Roman period and it was built by King Herod the Great(not to be confused with Herod in the New Testament). It was an administrative senter where Pontius Pilate worked. They have found a plate with his name.pilatustablet

 May be the most impressive remnant from King Herod’s time was the aquaduct. It is 10 km long and had to be very excact built to ensure the proper incline for the water to flow.7775635944_b64a93cf59_z

It was a number of pilars, some broken, some lying on the ground GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes it is Talia!

We even found a Christian Cross (?) on a pilar’s top



Again a rather short stop. We drove to the top of  Mount Carmel overlooking the city and what made the most impression on me was the Bahai garden. It covered the whole hill side up to Mount Carmel in 19 terraces and was symmetrical, green and well kept. We were told there sere several gardeners working there all the time, and it showed.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA7768151838_2e81583c2a_c

Our next stop was the Maritime Museum and what I remember best from there is the submarine. It was originally an Egyptian boat but the Israeli captured it and used it. The words claustrophobic and minimum comfort got new meaning after going inside that boat.



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