East-Turkey, Sarduri Hinili

Sarduri Hinili  is an ancient palace-castle built by King Sardur II around 750 BCE. He was king over the Uraritian kingdom. It is first mentioned by the Assyrians around 1300BCE as two kingdom, but it became one kingdom in 874BCE. It was defeated by the Persians-Medes around 645BCE and was forgotten . The palace-castle was built on a ridge on a hill in the middle of a fertile plain.

As local guide we had Mehmet Kusman. He was 75 years old and had worked on this hill all his life, now as a volunteer with no pay. He had on his own learnt to read, write and speak the Uraritan language, one of only 38 people in the whole world who can. It was said that the cuneiform writing came to Uraritian with an Assyrian princess who was married into the royal family.

Kusman was definitely one of the main attractions and as the guide said: He makes me proud!

Finally he sold homemade souvenirs, but I was to late and I should have been tougher in the queue.


Sarduri Hinili                                                                    Mehmet Kusman


Kusman with the grain containers                              Kusman with 2300 years old grain

writing in cunei-form


Grape- press for wine production                                 The world oldest preserved toilet.



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