East -Turkey Hosap castle

Hosap castle is northeast of Van and was built by a local kurdish leader in the 1600s.  The castle itself was really well built in a strategic place and must have been difficult to conquer.

Just as interesting was a girl we met who said she could speak English. It turned her whole vocabulary consisted of one word “yes”. She should have been at school but some men that meant women should not work outside the home had scared the female teacher away so the class had no teacher. The guide said this was a problem in some rural areas. The girl called them bad men, according to the translator. We gave her ball-point pens and she was really thankful.

I feel that this story illustrates may be Turkey’s biggest problem. It has applied to join the Europeen Union (EU). EU has given Turkey some conditions that the country must meet before they will discuss membership. Human rights are one of the most important. This incident with this girl show how much work Turkey has left in that field. In the meantime this girl and probably thousands of other girls like her are victims. I felt sorry for the girl and sad that this could happen in a country that wants to be modern and join Europe.



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