East – Turkey – Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is always snow covered and is more than 5000 meters high. According to legends it was here Noah’s ark stranded, and they are still looking for it. Some even claim they have found it!

Since Ararat is more than 5000 m high there is not so much water in the world to create a flood that big.

An old story from Mesopotamia tells about Gilgamesh who was king about 2600BCE. It also tells about Utnapishtim who built a boat and survived the big deluge that destroyed mankind. There is proof in Mesopotamia that there has been a big and catastrophic flood there so the ark is most probably quite a bit further south, if it exsists.

Another theory that the story the great flood is based on the disaster following the flooding of the Black Sea about 7500BCE. Before then it was a threshold in the Bosborus and the area where the Black Sea is now was inhabitated. Then the ocean broke through and the new sea was created over some years.

Ararat is still a beautiful mountain worth both a visit and pictures.



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