Turkey -Istanbul – Topkapi

Topkapi  is a huge complex of houses. pavillions etc. It was a lot of tourists there, We looked at a pavillion with a fire place and apparently that was very popular during the cold days. I don’t think the fireplace was very efficient as the warm air is lighter and goes up to the ceiling and as you can see, that is quite high. Note how they use text in Arabic letters as decorative elements. The colours blue and white seem to be a standard.

Topkapi is huge. We saw the treasures with diamonds, emeralds etc etc etc. I found it somewhat surreal and after a while boring. When you have seen five emeralds the novelty has worn off. There was a movie some years ago called Topkapi where a theft of these jewels was planned and executed. That is definitely fiction.

We had lunch on a terrace facing the Bosporus. The food was average but the view was great.



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