Iran – Crown Jewels – National Jewels

The Crown Jewels are now called National Jewels and on display in the basement  of the Central Bank in Teheran. We went through several security checks before we were let into the vault. The room had dimmed lights except the show cases. They were also wired to a loud alarm that went off by any touch, and that happened several times.

The collection is said to be the most valuable collection in the world and has been collected over the centuries.  A big part are spoils of war from the Mogul treasury in the 1700s. The rulers started collecting and robbing from 1500 and continued over the centuries. When the Spaniards found emeralds in Columbia i the 1600s the most important markeds were India and Iran. The only precious stone found in Iran is turquoise and that can also be found in the collection.

Some of the collection was robbed and taken out of the country  in 1747 so that is how Kohinoor ended up in England.

During the revolution in 1979 some wanted to sell everything and distribute the proceeds among the poor, as they had indirectly paid for them. That did not happen and everything is now displayed.

It was prohibited to take pictures so those I show here are found on Internet.


The world’s biggest pink diamond         The peacock throne                                   Globe of Jewels

The “Sea of light”- diamond is the world’s largest pink diamond. It is flawless and weighs 182 carats. The “Peacock Throne” was built in Iran in the early 19th century (1800s) with gold and loose jewels from the treasury. To me it looked like a nightmare to sit on. It looked more like a misunderstood bed. The “Golden Globe” has a diameter of 66 cm and consists of 35 kg of pure gold and 51366 precious stones. The oeans are emeralds, the Americas of rubies, part of Europe and Asia of diamonds. Can not be used as a globe of the world!

A selection of crowns:


There were more crowns all with many precious stones and of course a lot of tiaras. How many crowns and tiaras do a sjah and queen need?

Three more pieces of jewelry.


I am left with questions and emotions after seeing these jewels. Don’t rulers have a consience? How and why do they amass such amounts of jewels that have no value lying in a treasury? OK, I accept that a ruler must have some symbolic items to show their rank, but how much do they need? Did they fell more powerful, more special? DId they need to make the distance to their people as big as possible?

Again the dilemmas of power come to my mind. Will  power always corrupt ? Is division of power to only way to prevent excesses like this? Should not rulers always be held accountable for their actions? My answer to all these questions are: YES! OK, democracy may have weaknesses but it is far better than the alternatives.


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