Miscellaneous incidents.

I want to show a few pictures showing a variety of activities.


We should go sightseeing in downtown Tabriz and our normal bus was too big for the streets so we rented a local bus. Of course in a local bus the women had to sit in the back! Also note they had scarfs, and they disliked that after a few days.


A family having lunch outside a mosque, smiling and friendly, but no English.


A genuin Persian cat with no pedigree!


Painting porcelain. Really detailed work, no hand tremors and no room for mistakes.


This boy had found a spot with really good accustics and was singing for his girlfriend.


Making kebabs for a crowd coming to the mosque.


We came to Iran in a period where they celebrated the martyrdom of a mullah who was killed around 800AD (1200 years ago). On one of the days the water in the fountain was coloured blood red.


It is dolls!


May be the most stylish place we had lunch.


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