Bazaars and carpets

Both Turkey and Iran had bazaars and carpets. We visited two carpet shops and several bazaars.

Both the carpet shops had a huge selection and they tried really hard to make us buy, and some of us did (not me I have enough carpets).

The one in Van, Turkey was weaving a copy of the oldest woven material ever found (they claimed). It was found frozen in the tundra in Russia and was said to be 8000 (?) years old. Because it has been stored deepfrozen the colours were preserved. I am not sure I like the colours, but it was special to see something that old, even if it a copy.                              This is the pattern.


I took a couple of pictures from the carpet shops but of course they do not do justice as the selection both in sizes, colours, patterns and price varied enormously.


Believe it or not but these are also made using carpet weaving technique.


The bazaars had that in common that they were crowded and confusing, so easy to get lost in the labyrinth. It is a mystery to me how all the shops could have enough sales to survive. The same question can also be raised about all the small shops in the cities. Bargaining was a must, In addition the language barriere made buying difficult. Bargaining was done either with the help by calculator or paper and pen. I didn’t buy much but encouraged some of the women in the group to follow their wish lists.


Gold jewelry anyone?                                                    May be the smallest bazaar we visited.                                                                                                                                                 Here I actually bought something.


A huge selection of textiles.


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