Vancouver – Squamish – Sea-to-Sky

The Squamish Sea-to-Sky gondola is new. It opened in May 2014 at a cost of 22 million Canadian dollars. It goes up to 885 m above sea level and is spectacular to ride. The godolas are fairly small with glass all around so the view is not obstructed.


We had clear skies, no wind and warm temperatures so the conditions were perfect. No haze or clouds. On the top there is of course a end station and a nice restaurant with a big deck out towards the valley.


From the deck to another view point was a suspension bridge. Fortunately I have very little vertigo so I had no problem crossing it, but I can see that might be a problem for some.


From the end of the bridge were several prepared trails and we took the longest.


The view from some points was great and supports my claim that Vancouver is special having these surroundings.



It was a day to remember, I really enjoyed everything and I put it high up may be on the top of “must-see” in Vancouver. The combination of fresh air, good trails, forest and great views is very special.


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