Osoyoos – NK’Mip

The NK’Mip is a First Nation band living on the east side of the Osoyoos Lake. That area is considered to be a desert and the band’s traditions and way of life are associated with that enviroment. In modern time the band was dependent on the transfer of Government money given out as welfare checks once a month. Then in 1984 Clarence Louie was elected Chief. He stated clearly that the conditions for his band were  not good, and what was needed were two things: Education and economic development. Today it is an organized community with vineyards and a big winery, a beautiful camping place and the schooling system is developed. On the curriculum are NK’Mip language, their tradition and songs and they have excursions to the desert to collect edible and medical plants.

There is basically no unemployment among the 520 members of the band. On the contrary members of other tribes or bands try to get work with the NK’Mip. The band has now a revenue 26 million dollars and a net profit of 2,5 million. They had their own appartment buildings and a modern winery producing popular wines. They had also built a cultural centre that we visited. The NK’Mip language is used on signs and that is really a different language as the name of the band indicates.

DSCF1243DSCF1247                                          The wall to the Cultural Center (the right pictureI is made from rammed clay mixed with colour and a little cement. A big portion of the exhibits at the center was placed along a 2 km long trail and here are some pictures showing this:               DSCF1249DSCF1250


They had also unic decorativ statues around the town made of sheet metal


I also found the most attractive name on appartment building.


Other names were Merlot, Shiraz and Chardonet.


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