We started our round trip through Kirgizistan and West-China in Almaty in Kazakstan. I am so old i remember the city as Alma Ata and as the place where the Medeo speed-skating rink was and still is. For the younger generation: Here is where a revolution in speed-skating started, and where a lot of world records were broken. It was for a period closed for foreign speed-skaters so we did not quite believe it.. Well it is still there and it turned out that during the summer it was a place where the kids with bicycles etc met.

_scf0460_edited-1_scf0463                                 The stadium was up in a mountain side into a small valley with a small stream for pure, clean water. It was actually a quite nice place, nice view and beautiful surroundings.

The hotel we stayed in had a restaurant formed as a yurt. A yurt is the traditional “tent” in Central Asia.


It was a park on the other side of the street from our hotel. In a central square in the park were three war memorials. I guess war memorials never are nice, but I found these to be almost ugly.                                                                                     _scf0471_edited-1_scf0472_edited-1_scf0473_edited-2

From Almaty we drove straight west towards the border crossing to Kirgizistan. On our left we had hills with grazing sheep etc and our right (north) wew saw into the huge Central Asian steppes. I at once thought of the suite by Borodin, From the Central Asian Steppes. You can find it on Youtube, so just listen!                                                                   _scf0491_edited-1_scf0494


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