Bisjkek and surrounding

Bisjkek is the capital in Kirgizistan and lies close to the montains.


I remember especcially three things from the city. First it is a very green city. all streets were lined with trees. We were told that this has been and still is part of a building permit. Everyone that built a house had to plant trees

._scf0505_scf0499_edited-1This is the victory                                                                                   memorial in Bisjkek, and the group of people to the left is a wedding party. It is                                                           expected that the bride and groom placed the bride’s flower bouquet on the memorial.

In one of the city squares they had an honorary guard and we came during the changing of the guards.


Normally I would not take a picture of this, but when I saw the boy following the soldiers I thought this gave a nice contrast.

The second thing I remember are all the statues in the city.


The third ting that made an impression was a concert during dinner by a trio playing and singing traditional music. Un fortunately I did not bring my camera, Sorry!


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