Bisjkek – Ala Archa

Ala Archa ia a natural preserve 50 km south from Bisjkek  in a valley into the high mountains called Heavenly Mountains (Tien Shan). We walked from the parking lot 5 km into the valley, unfortunately in rain. We still had glimses of the mountains and they were spectacular.


The altitude is 1500-1600 meter and it looked that some conifer trees have had diificult growing conditions.


The guides had brought the lunch, but it was not very tempting to eat it in the rain so they were able to borrow a colourfull shed where we sat on the floor with blankets over our legs. It was actually cozy and a meal I will remember.

_scf0537_scf0536                  The shed with colourfull roof.                                     Our  lunch.

I had hoped we could have eaten in the neighbouring yurt but no.



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