Cholpon Ata – Petroglyphs

On the hillside above Cholpon Ata lies a field with rocks and boulders. It is 42 hectars and there are approx. 2000 petroglyphs spread all over the field.                                                                                                                                                          _scf0627_scf0649                                              The petroglyphs were made in the period 800BCE to 1200AD. I am very confused about the techique, they claim it is painting. But how can any painting last over 2000 years out in all sort of weather , snow, rain, cold, heat etc? One of the guides claimed the sun had made the stones sunburned! The stones have a dark brown surface and the figures are a contrast to this colour. Look at these examples.                                                                                                                              _scf0632_scf0630                                         _scf0628_scf0634                                          I am still puzzled by this. Is it paint? Is the dark colour a natural process? Why is not the  stones completely covered with the dark colour but mostly on the front? Can stones be sun-burned? How can the figures be so clear after 2000 years outdoors?

My curiousity is defintely not  satisfied.

As a special treat  we drove down the runway on the closed airport. It was defintely downhill from the mountain and down towards the lake. How that worked during take-off and landing is a mystery to me.  No wonder they had to move the airport.


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