Song Kol

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We had a short bus ride from Koshkor to Naryn and there were no program for the rest of the day. Some of us had read about Song Kol and asked if we could go there. The guide and driver were hesitant and there were some discussions, but in the end we went. And it was so successfull that the trip is now part of the program

Song Kol is a lake up in the mountains. It is 3017 meters above sea level and lies in a flat basin. The basin is covered with snow more than half the year. But in summer the grass is very nutrious so the farmers use it as summer pasture for sheep, cows and horses. There are no permanent houses there, so everybody live in yurts. The atmosphere was special, relaxed and slow, almost idyllic.

The road up was steep and winding up to the pass.                                                                                                                                 _scf0722_scf0689            Of course it was a gravel road with the occasional creek, no fences or protection. We had an excellent driver so I was never nervous. The bus got problems for the second time in two days.                                                                                                                                                  _scf0710                                                                                                                               The landscape was very special and the flocks with animals added to the atmosphere.                                                            _scf0691_scf0706                         And around in the landscape, yurts where people lived during the summer.

_scf0720  _scf0699song-kul1                        We had lunch in a yurt with a local waitress.                                                                                                                                         _scf0703_scf0704                                        Shephards used horses.                                                                                                                                                                            _scf0700_scf0713_scf0714This shephard even had a sick sheep in front of him on the horse.

Of course there were kids around, friendly and curious. Too bad the language barriere stopped effectiv communication.  _scf0708_scf0707                                         The soccer player                                                        Note the animals in the background


To me the trip to Song Kol was may be what I will remember longest from Kirgizistan. I don’t know really why but one thing is that is was an totally unexpected surprise (I guess all surprises are unexpected). Then the beauty and character of the surroundings. The people seemed relaxed and they were friendly. Lunch in a yurt was also special, So added together: It was  a great experience!


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