Kashgar – animal market

Click on picture to enlarge.

Every Sunday it is an big animal market in Kashgar. Earlier it was in a central place in the city, but the smell and all the manure  made it necessary to move the market to an area outside the city. It is in a big area where each animal has a place for buying/selling. Sheep, cows, horses, donkeys and sometimes camels are traded with bargaining and discussions. The buyers/sellers often use professional traders to do the bargaining, and as I did not know the language it sounded as they had serious quarrels.

Of course a lot of other buisnesses were also present as eating possibilities, horse harness, Ice cream etc. In addition a lot of cars, motorcycles and quite a few vehicles somewhere between.

It was a very special experience to walk around the market, it was not like anything I have seen earlier.

_scf0799_scf0798                                   Bargaining-negotiations                                                   Food anyone? Notice the heating system

_scf0801_scf0821                                          Sold against their will!                                                  Sold, the fatty hindpart is important

_scf0813_scf0814                                                    Nice horse for sale                                                                        Harness in various colours

_scf0806_scf0805                                                   Donkeys for sale                                                        Animal transport in two levels

_scf0816_scf0820                                             Ice cream. See the young driver!                               Taxi.

I enjoyed this . It was a glimse of an old tradition and was very real and not touristy (is that a word?) at all. And it was surprisingly quiet, but of course quite smelly. No, I did not buy anything, neither animals nor food-icecream.

_scf0822Can you spot the sheep that is not like the others?


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