Some of the people we met.

Click on picture to enlarge.

The people we met in Xijiang were friendly and I never felt any animosity or distance. Here are some of them.

_scf0749_scf0745                                                                 A bakery, he makes the nan, she sells               He sells coal from his motorcycle

_scf0827_scf0835                                          A carpet weaver                                                            In Kashgar’s streets. Notice the special umbrella

_scf0851_scf0855                                                                                                                                           The little girl cried and her big sister comforted her. I had noticed that small girls had all their hair cut off, and I asked why. The answer was at it was to help the development of the brain. So I asked: How? Again a very clear answer: We all know that sunlight  makes Vitamin-D in the skin, and the brain will develope better with Vitamin-D. Well, I had almost no hair before I was two years old!

_scf0890_scf0907_scf0923                                                   Girls of different ages.

_scf0919_scf1026                                                  Notice the variety of dresses.

_scf0928                                                           _scf0936                                                   The hat is special for his village and he said it was older than I.      A silk weaver.

_scf1030                                                                                                                                          An Imam who explained how th Imam earlier  could punish.

_scf0930                                                                                                                                     No comments necessary.

Most of the people we met were Uigurs and it was a totally positive experience. They are Muslims but that was of no consequense.They were friendly, smiling and polite. It was so nice to meet people with so different background and feel no problems or distance.


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