Rural houses

Click on picture to enlarge.

We stayed overnight in cities in really nice hotels, but we travelled between these cities so  I got an impression on the standard of the houses people lived in outside the cities. It was definitely not the standard in rural Norway even if the surroundings were spectacular at times.

.  _scf0751                                                                                                                                                                                                 Look at the colours in the mountain.                                                              _scf0755You have to look closely to see the house.

_scf0754A bit higher standard.                                                                                         _scf0757_scf0759                                        I really hope these houses are summer houses as they were high up in the mountains. Notice the solar cell and the parabol antenna on the roof. I still wonder why they lived there. I did not see a single green plant and the altitude was about 3300 meters above sea level.

_scf0778This is the smallest house I saw. The letters and the numbers were often on house walls as  can be seen on the left side of the house. The explaination was that it was forbidden to have commercial posters. So they wrote the name of what they sold and gave the cell phone number to call.

I was continously surprised about how primitive the standard of housing was, and I wondered hos it was to live in these houses during winter with snow and freezing temperatures. The contrast between the bigger cities and the rural area was also very distinct and that must also mean some social tension, even in China.


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