Mountain pictures.

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Taklamakan i surrounded by mountains on three sides. Only in the east is it open landscape even if it is the Gobi desert. In the north lies Tien Shan-mountains, in the west is Pamir and in the south Kunlun. The desert is 1000-1500 meters above sea level and the mountains on all three sides have peaks over 7000 meters. This is of course the reason why there is a desert, the annual precipitation is about 40 mm in the west and 10 mm in the east. The temperature can be about 40 degrees Celsius in the summer and down to minus 20 Centigrades in the winter.

The mountains are often worth taking pictures of and here is a selection.                                                                                          _scf0753_scf0758_scf0775_scf0961_scf1063_scf1075_scf0776_scf0772


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