Felt carpets

Click on picture to enlarge.

We had been to a mosque and our guide, Dolkun, said he would like to show us something he normally did not include in his guiding, a place they made felt carpets. He took us into the side streets to the side streets and I must admit I wondered where he was taking us.                                                                                                                                                                                _scf0901                                                                                                          He took us in the open door straight ahead and into a big room with poor lighting and no working tables or chairs. On the floor men and women made  carpets. They had a base of dark wool and on that they put coloured wool in patterns.                                                                                                                                                                                                      _scf0906 _scf0903 _scf0910 _scf0908 _scf0909                                          On the last picture you can on the left side see the wool they started with. The next step is to make it completely wet and press it together so it will be as you see on picture 3. Then they place the coloured wool.

It would be a tragedy for me to have a carpet in my appartment. According to my taste they were ugly.                                _scf0902 _scf0904                                                                     I went from there with mixed feelings. The positive was the people, again friendly, smiling and the kids were curious. We did not see any kids working . The negative was of course that the working conditions were terrible and that the products were not appealing, to put it nicely. But I assume the last point is irrelevant.


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