Uigur – Han Chinese

Click on picture to enlarge.

The official name of this province of China is Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Province and this shows that most of the Uigurs live there. A census in 2000 gives the population to be 45% Uigurs and 40% Chinese. But it is a big question if the official numbers can be trusted. Since then the number of Chinese has increassed significantly. The visual sign is a surprisingly high number of new highrise buildings all over the province.                                                                                                             _scf0977 _scf1036 _scf1042 _scf1043                                          From the bus I saw one new development with at least 100 buildings each with four entrances and 20 stories high. It probably add up 2-3000 appartments.

All these new living quarters are for the Han Chinese who are being moved in in the millions, so it is just a matter of time before the Uigurs will be a minority in their “autonomous” province. This has led to unrest and bloody incidents. The Chinese call this terrorisme, but the Uigurs say the Chinese are taking all the good jobs so the investments are only good for the Chinese. The Uigurs also claim that all the money from the new oil and gas fields ends up in Beijing.

It was strange to see all the buildings  even if nobody said anything and all the Uigurs we met were friendly and smiling. The problem was very visual with these buildings.


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