Pindaya cave

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The Pindaya cave is in a hillside in the Shan State and is more than 150 meters long. What is special is that it is filled with statues of Buddha, more than 8000 in all sizes. The oldest that is dated is from about 1770 so the statues are also a n illustration of different styles the last 250 years.

It was said to be a place for meditation and worship. I have problems to see how that could be done in the cave that was completely full of statues.

DSCF2283 DSCF2289 DSCF2281DSCF2283

Some of the statues were donated by families or others and a couple of the statues were towers with hundereds of small Buddhas.


I went out of the cave with mixed feelings. One thing was that I realized I understood very little of Buddhism. Another why put more than 8000 statues so tight together that it was hardly any space for humans. But it was impressive and surprising and well worth a visit.


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  1. Det er så moro å lese bloggen din. For nokon reiser du har hatt det siste året! Helsing Borgny

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 19. feb. 2015 kl. 23.25 skrev steinarbk : > > >


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