Hotels we stayed in

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We stayed at very nice hotels from the reknown Strand Hotel in Yangon to restored English style retreat in Kalaw.

The Strand is at the waterfront and is a hotel with traditions. We even had “high tea” there, but I must admit I had coffee.

DSCF2042 DSCF2043                                                                  I like to consider myself to be an honest person, but I must admit I took a small plaque from my room saying:  For coffee or tea please call your butler. That is now standing on my coffee table!

At Bagan we stayed in chalets around a reception-restaurant building with a view over Irrawaddy river.                                 DSCF2122 DSCF2049 DSCF2046

What I remember best from the hotel in Mandalay are the view from the window towards Mandarin Hill and the musicians in the reception.

DSCF2268 DSCF2269 DSCF2270 DSCF2234

Kalaw was different again. It is relatively high about 1300 meters above sea level so the vegetations is different as well. During the British rule they used this area as an alternative when it was too hot and humid around Yangon. So on the hills it was many restored villas in colonial style and one of them was Amara Mountain resort where we stayed.                  DSCF2311 DSCF2312

I think it was the first time I slept in a canopy bed with mosquito net and also with a welcoming crocodile in the bed.         DSCF2305 DSCF2306

The hotel grounds were nice and I can see that the English liked the area. Trees and flowers and a pleasant clima. On the first picture the deck outside the restaurant can be seen on the left.

DSCF2313 DSCF2318                      It was a really nice change from the big cities of Yangon and Mandalay. The atmosphere was nice and the food was excellent, it was said it was typical Shan food. We were in the middle of Shan country. The Shan are a big minority and they are very aware of their own qualities and there are tensions with the central government.

The hotel by Inle Lake was different again. We got there by boat and the hotel was on the shore of the lake. So instead of getting out of a bus we had to gracefully out of a narrow boat.   That was not always easy.                                                                                                 DSCF2336

We slept in chalets, all with a view. Here are pictures of sunset and morning seen from my chalet.                                          DSCF2388DSCF2390

The room was also special. Again a bed with mosquito net, this time multilayered.DSCF2392

It had a triple bathroom, one with toilet and wash basins, one with bathtub and in addition an outdoor shower.   I used only two of them.                                                                          DSCF2382 DSCF2383 DSCF2384

Our last hotel was The Governor’s Residence in Yangon. It was in the embassy district and had everything.                          DSCF2432 DSCF2433                                         The swimming pool.                                                      Here we had our welcoming dinner.

DSCF2430                                                                                                                 Entrance to my room to the left.


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