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We were in boats on several occasions. The longest was from Bagan to Mandalay, to days and nights. That will be covered in a separat entry. I was intrigued by the different boats we saw and here is a selection.

DSCF2168A family on Irrawaddy river.

DSCF2210Colourfull river boats in Yangon.

DSCF2188Freight boat with family dwelling on the river by Yangon.

DSCF2394Fishing boat on Inle lake.

DSCF2336Boats like this took us around on Inle lake.

DSCF2330These are the smallest boats I saw on Inle lake.

DSCF2420Even small kids mastered boating in Inle lake.

DSCF2465Different boat styles in Yangon harbour.

DSCF2463From Yangon harbour.

DSCF2436Ferries across the river in Yangon.


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