Some of the people we met.

Click on picture to enlarge.

The population of Myanmar is about 51 million and consists of more than 130 ethnic groups. 68% are Burman, that gave the name Burma, while Myanmar is supposed to be more inclusiv to the other groups.

Here are some of the people we met.

DSCF2085DSCF2075Welcoming us to a restaurant in Yangon

DSCF2079The marionette operators.

DSCF2148Kids in Shwe Pyi Tha village.

DSCF2139Woman making chicken food in Shwa Pyi Tha village.

DSCF2173Sitting on the shore of Irrawaddy river.

DSCF2174T;his is one of my favourite pictures. On the shore of Irrawaddy.

DSCF2222Boys are boys all over the world.

DSCF2211Weaving traditional patterns.

DSCF2202Monks line up to get food donated by a family.

DSCF2264Packing gold leaf.

DSCF2261Tired women to or from the market in a heavely loaded truck.

DSCF2256DSCF2254Woodcarvers putting finishing touches on  Buddha statues,

DSCF2251Coffee brake? Or may be tea brake?

DSCF2302Making parasol.

DSCF2294No comments necessary.

DSCF2332A monk in an old monastary.

DSCF2405Boys singing “Frere Jacque” in Burmese, I assume.

DSCF2451Kids in Twante.

DSCF2446A married couple in Twente making pottery. He is forming the clay and she is kicking the rotating table to speed it up.


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