Various pictures (click on the picture to enlarge)

DSCF2030Restaurant in Yangon

DSCF2037“The Lady’s” father is a national hero.

DSCF2032A reclining or horizonal Buddha with open eyes for a change.

DSCF2081The marionette with a very subtle request for money.

DSCF2054We had to go barefeet in all the holy places (I am not sure holy is the right word.

DSCF2233 DSCF2223                                                            Guardians of a stupa and a monastery.

DSCF2213We travelled two times with this type of transportation with limited comfort.

DSCF2212Family planning I assume.

DSCF2240My definition of Taxi was just increased to include oxen.

DSCF2242An unfinished stupa. How many bricks were made for this?

DSCF2298 OK then! I won’t. Actually I didn’t plan to wash one of my legs here.

DSCF2403Scarves or shawls anyone?

DSCF2088Thank you all for a great trip with many new experiences!


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