Uzbekistan was the first trip I took after Ingrid died. It was advertised as a travel on The Silk Road, but to my disapointment it was a very minor topic. Our local guides talked almost only about Uzbekistan as the new republic and very little about history, with on exception, Timor or Temorlame. More about him later.

But the way we travelled inside Uzbekistan was special. The travel operator had a cooperation with a German travel operator who owned a train in Uzbekistan so we travelled with that between the cities we visited. In the first three carriers the Germans stayed. Then two dining-cars, one for the Germans and one for us, the Norwegians.  The last three carriers were for us. We travelled between the cities during the night. In Tashkent, Bokhara and Samarkand we had nights in hotels and that was great to get a proper shower.

We landed in Tashkent and stayed a couple of days there. Tashkent was not a very interesting city and we felt it was a waste of time to use so much time there. The story about the earthquake in 1966 was the most interesting topic, more about that later.


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