Tamerlame has different names like Timor, Timur lenk, Amir Temur.


He was born in1336 in Shahrisebz, after the mongol era was over and became through all tricks and violence the ruler of a huge empire from Turkey to Almaty, from halfway up the Caspasian sea to the Indus and the Persian Gulf. He was extremely violent  and massacres were part of his conquest methods. After he had conquered an area he used to make a pyramid of human heads. According to historians 17 million people were killed during his campaigns. It was said that Djengis Kahn was a nice boy compared to Tamerlame.

He was apparently popular in the country, and Timur was one of the most used first names used today.

He built a palace in Shahriabz, but only part of the gate stands, and that was huge.                                                                     GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

In Samarkand there was a water container that was from Tamerlame’s time.                                                                                       GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                                  We were told that before Tamerlame went on his wars he filled this with pommegranate juice and each warrior had to come and drink one cup. Two reasons for this, the first was to get the soldiers used to blood, the juice had the same colour as blood. When they returned from the battles they again drank a cup, and they compared the amount drunk with the amount drunk before, and the difference gave the number of fallen men.

I have real problems why one of the most cruel rulers in history can be a national hero, but he was. One reason could be this was may be the only time a local person ruled over such a large stretch of land, and now Uzbeksitan felt it was a new country and needed some background and history. But still, he is nothing to be proud of, in my opinion.


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