Matswani was the name of the lodge where I stayed in South Africa. A Dane had bought four cattle farms, fenced them in and created Matswani, then built a central lodge and several chalets.                                                                                                           _scf0175

We landed near Johannesburg where we were met and taken to Matswani. It is out in the bush in the Limpopo province. And it was really in the bush, it was 2-3  hours drive to the nearest town and that was a small town.

The gate to the reserve was special.

_scf0442                                                                                                                                 The gate was circular and opened by turning a quarter circle and it was the same on the inside.

We stayed in chalets and mine was called Impala                                                                                                                                 _scf0056 _scf0055

The interior was different to what I was used to, but it was nice.

_scf0050 _scf0053

I was welcomed with flowers in the bathroom.

_scf0049 _scf0048 _scf0047

The view from my deck was again different from Norway.

_scf0427 _scf0391 _scf0308 _scf0078 _scf0045 _scf0059                                          Along the walkways native handicrafts gave a special atmosphere.

_scf0226 _scf0227 _scf0224 _scf0222_scf0431

We had all our meals in the central lodge either “inside” or out on the deck.                                                                          _scf0433 _scf0232

We could use a pool and jaccuzi  on the deck  and I did.                                                                                                               _scf0230 _scf0234

It was advertised to be a luxury lodge, and in my opinion it was. The food was excellent and the service great. The only thing I missed was program some nights. We were 13 people, only Danish and one Swede and me, the lonely Norwegian. The Danes stuck together and it was hard to get any contact with them.


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