Small animals

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Of course we wanted to see African animals and not only those we could see from our chalets. We saw big and small animals, but I think the smallest we saw was the male spider.                                                                                                          _scf0109                                                                                                         This is a spider web out in the bush. The big spider is the female and the three small creatures down to the left are three males courting her. They of course don’t know that  the one the female chooses will be eaten after mating.

On our walks in the bush we saw some boulders that seem to be lifted so we asked.                                                          _scf0203 _scf0204 _scf0209                                                                                                                          The guide told us that it was a species of ants that lived under these stones and over the years they lifted the rocks. Nobody knows how!

We saw a few lizards but this was the most colourful.                                                                                                                    _scf0412

We did not see many birds, at least I don’t remember any. But I was facinated by the bird’s nests that looked like balls hanging from the thinnest tree branches. One tree in particular was impressiv, we called it an appartment tree.   _scf0105 _scf0365                                 You have to look closely on the second picture to see the nests, even better click on the picture to enlarge.

And of course termite hills,



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