Tribal evening.

A traditional native village was built close by the lodge where the native workers on the lodge lived with their famiies. They were Botzwanis and their ancestors came from Botzwana in the 1600s. They lived their tradional way both when it concerned housing but also family life. We were invited to their compound for dinner. Well, actually it was the chef from the lodge who made the food, but it was with a native flair.

_scf0176Here is the gate to the chief’s houses.

The chief of the village was the host and he and his three wives were present during the meal together with a bodyguard.


His three wives had different age and they also had their separate bedrooms. The rooms had thresholds with different height. The oldest wife lived in the room with the highest threshold. When she could not get across in through her door, she was sent back and the chief took a new and younger wife. But at the same time the wives changed rooms so the oldest moved int the vacant room. Children were raised by the other women in the compound, not by the mother: This was to avoid jealousy.

After the meal they showed us dances. Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry.

_scf0183 _scf0188 _scf0189

The men were dancing in rubber boots and that looked strange. The expaination was that having rubber boots was important when you worked in the mines as it always was water on the floor.

This was definitely something different, but it was actually so much different that it felt like a play or a movie. So  it did not make much of an impression on me.


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