Larger animals

Of course we wanted to see big animals, prefferably the big five, lion, leopard, buffalo. elephant and rhino. We ended up seeing only two and the paw impression of the leopard. They had the rhino at Matswani, so we ran into them a couple of times.                                                                                                                                                                                          _scf0085 _scf0097

They ha cut off the horn on one of the animals to make it safe from poachers. They said the female was pregnant, so I asked how thew knew. The answer was that she behaved differently!

They also knew they had leopards at Matswani, but they had never een any. They had seen animals killed in a manner that only leopards do. They also saw pawprints regularly, and we saw both as well. I did not take picture of the dead impala, but the paw prints.                                                                                                                                               _scf0218

We came close to elephants during our visit to Pilanesberg. The guide did not know where the elephants were but suddenly they blocked the road. We stopped of course and the elephants did not mind us, They crossed the road very close to the car and as I sat in the back seat and the caar was open I could have touched some animals, but I didn’t!

_scf0326 _scf0323 _scf0337 _scf0335

We also saw other animals.

_scf0396_scf0257 _scf0254 _scf0360 _scf0084 _scf0074 _scf0354


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