Cars and roads

On our trips around Matswani we were sitting in cars especially built for driving in the bush. They were definitely not comfortable and since the “roads” wre not roads but tracks with rocks, water and potholes the art of holding tight was important. It also meant that taking pictures while driving was impossible, you definitely needed both hands to keep yourself in one spot. Well here is the car. It has a seat on the hood for spotters and they had a strong searchlight to help the spotting at night.

_scf0061 _scf0067

The roads were of very mixed quality. It was an excellent highway going from Cape Town to the Border with Zimbabwe and we drove for approximately one hour to and from the airport. On our way we then drove on good roads with black-top surface, but the last hal an hour or so we drove on very poor roads. We passed a bridge, or calling it a bridge is an insult to other bridges. It was a concrete construction over a river. It was just wide enough for a car and of course no rails or safety features. A couple of weeks before we came they had a terrible rain fall and the river flooded over the “bridge”. A pick-up truck with 13 people tried to cross anyway and here is where the car ended up.                                                                                                                                                                                              _scf0370All the people made it, they were just very wet.

We also had one torrential rain fall while we were there and the unpave roads suffered.                                                     _scf0116Yes, this is really the road to Matswani.


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