I left South Africa full of impressions. One was that I had only seen a small fraction of a huge country with lots of resources. But I had gotten a glimse of difficult areas. We drove past refugee camps for people fleeing Zimbabwe. Nobody knew how many and the conditions in the camps were not good. It is may be not right to call it camps, the refuges had just settled there.

We also drove through Soweto in Johannesburgh and that was much, much larger than I had imagined. It was also an area with huge differences, from great villas to slum with sheds. Nobody knew exactly how many lived there. We also saw the poverty of the rural areas.

Well, what I try to illustrate is that South Africa has huge problems with poverty, and everything that follows. We never experienced crime, but that is one problem, but we saw a school with one teacher, we saw a children’s home wher the kids had sad stories about abandonment and poverty. The health system was not functioning in all rural areas.

So all in all I feel the country has huge social problems they have to solve because they will probably get worse. So I sign i saw at the Trekker Museum in Pretoria is sort of a summary for me.



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