Libanese border

We travelled up to the Lebanese border on the coastline. An outcrop of limestone goes into the sea so the border follows the ridge all the way into the Mediterranean. here is the view looking south into Israel.7768444578_0975c9d3ee_c

The border was of course completely closed and we were forbidden to take pictures on the border crossing. The border was also shown towards the sea with a rope.


In addition an Israeli marine vessel was anchored close by all the time.7768450100_db36b9ee4a_c

But of course that did not stop kajaking close to the border.


Or bathing.


Well this is the border.


Two other interesting things with the limestone. Over the years the waves have made many caves in the rock and we could walk and see some of them and they were spectacular.


During the war the British built a railway from Haifa to Beirut along the coast. Of course they had to make tunnels through the limestone and again of course it was closed now and the tunnel had a brick wall where the border was. We could go down to the tracks with a gondola and into the tunnel. On the border wall they had a slide show about the history of the railroad.

7768558944_70fd805aab_c                                                        This is taken from the gondola and shows the entrance to the tunnel.On the ridge you can see the border fence and the broder rope is on the left.

We wanted to go up to the border crossing from the top station for the gondola and we were told that the easiest way was to go through a bar!

The whole experience was slightly surrealistic, but also sad. Surrealstic with the bathing and boat activities close to an sealed border and going through a bar to get at the border gate. Sad beause it is necessary to close a border between people and have loaded guns to make sure it is secure. Do loaded guns ever make anything safe?


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