Two special museums.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

We visited two very special museums.May be I should not be surprised, after all Berlin has a sauerkraut museum.

We visited a wine museum, unfortunately without wine and wine-tasting.

The exhibit show old and antique wine vessels that have really nice shapes:

DSCF2611 DSCF2612

We also saw wine glasses from a definitely expensive segment of drinking vessels:

DSCF2610 DSCF2614

But the glasses I liked best were these:


I would be some interesting check games with these.

The second specialty museum was a tobacco museum. Of course there were a lot of cigarette boxes, lighters etc. The most interesting items were in my opinion the pipes and here is a selection:

DSCF2672 DSCF2673 DSCF2674 DSCF2671

How useful these are to smoke with is probably another question, but they are artistically made. We know Winston Churchill was a cigar smoker and is one of his cigars:


Note his face on the top of the wrapping.


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