Some odd items. (both Macedonia and Albania)

DSCF3016  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The last name is a border crossing between Albania and Montenegro. I find it amusing!


For the first time I had roof tiles in my hotel room. I tried to ask girls to join me in my room to see the roof tiles, they did not believe me!


The toilets are downstairs.


Enver Hoxha was the dictator in Albania for many years. When Albania became a democrarcy they changed two of the letters.


Unexplained mosaics under the amphi theater in Ohrid.


Outside a small roadside cafe.


“Just so you know it!”


Decorated trees after a festive day.


Memorial over the partisans up in the Albanian mountains.


The city lots were small, so they built eachlevel a bit bigger.


Sign at a beach. I am not sure if it means No bathing suits or “cover-more”-bathing suits. Or don’t have leach on your dog or no dogs allowed?


The Norwegian flag at the bottom shows that Norway has helped Macedonia to develop this tourist attraction.


No explaination neaded.


The sacred and the profane

DSCF2722 DSCF2722b

Can you see the chapel?                                               Here it is!


A spectacular lunch table for 17 people


A museum over a resistance against the Ottomans early in the 1900s. Strangelooking in my opinion.


I understand some of the symbols, but not all.


I have heaard about Hell’s Kitchen, so of course there must be a Heaven’s Kitchen


Again, can you see the church?                                 Here it is!


We saw a lot of “buildings” like this in Albania and also houses that had the bottom level finished and pilars etc on the next floors. There are apparently many explainations. For the partly finished the normal reason is that the parents build their appartment but have prepared for the next generation to build the rest when they need it.                                              For the completely unfinished it could be they started without a building permit and were caught and ordered to stop. It could be they ran out of money, especially when the downturn came in Europe so the realtives there stopped sending money.


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