Vevchani is a Macedonian village on a hillside. It’s main feature is several water springs coming out of the mountainside. The whole village was dominated by water in creeks. It seemed that the houses took water straight out of these creeks. In 1987 the government decided to put this water in pipes and deliver it to other cities. The village protested really hard and there was unrest. The residents planned to declare the “Republic og Vevchani. The issue was resolved and the water is still running free. The village followed this up by declaring a separate republic with passports and currency.

The Norwegian had contributed to develop these springs to a tourist destination.DSCF2699                                                                                                                            This “office”  issued passports fort he “Vevchani Republic”.

DSCF2701                                                                                                                            The Norwegian flag show the Norwegian involvement.

DSCF2704 DSCF2705                                    Two springs with plenty clean, cold water.

DSCF2718 DSCF2715            Creeks through the village.

DSCF2716                                                                                                                            The expression “in-house water” has a new meaning.

DSCF2710                                                                                                                            Shoes off! Why?


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