Into Albania

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We came from Macedonia into Albania in the south-eastern “corner” of the country. The whole eastern part of the country is full of mountains so we drove up and down hills with hundereds of turns. The roads were paved  but narrow so I am glad I was not driving the bus.                                                                                                                                                                                DSCF2780 DSCF2790

We drove through small villages and as far as I understood they lived from agriculture. But just to find fertile plots must be difficult and we saw fields anywhere is was reasonably flat.

DSCF2785                                                                                                 DSCF2784 DSCF2783

I asked how they traveled to the nearest city or village and was told it was done with pick-up cars, and we saw many of them on the road. What was special was that there was no fixed times for departure, they waited until the car was full before they started. So the waiting time was often longer than the travelling time.

When we came further west in the country the topography changed some. The mountains were lower and the valley floors were flat and fertile. So here the villages were often  on the hillsides, probably not to build on fertile fields,

DSCF2812 DSCF2800

After a long drive we arrived to Girokaster that definitely was on a hillside. More about this town in a separate post.


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