Butrint – Buthrotum

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Butrint (Albanian name) is an archeological site in the south-eastern corner of Albania close to the Greek border. It lies on a peninsula between the Ionian sea and the Butrint lake.                                                                                                                       DSCF2819

The island of Korfu  is close and Butrint was an important trading post for that island. But it was also an important commercial and trade center on the coast from the 4th century BCE. In 228BC it became a Roman protectorate and Caesar proposed that Butrint should be a place for Roman veterans and Augustus revived the plan to create a veteran’s colony. In the third century AD a strong earthquake destroyed most of the city and the ground water level got higher a came into the buildings. So the city lost its impotance as a commeercial center, but people still lived there. A basilica was built and it became a city where a bishop resided. The Venetians used the place on their trading routes until the 1400’s. , but the fishery in the lake became more and more important with Korfu as the most important market.

On the highest hill it was a fortress as usual . Today it is a museum showing finds from the excavations.

Since I from childhood have been interested in history and archeology Butrint was really interesting. Both the excavations of the different buildings in different techiques and styles and the items in the museum.

DSCF2820 DSCF2818

Tower and fortifications from the Venetian period.


Walls showing different styles from different periods. Enlage this picture and look at the wall in the back! Impressive!

DSCF2835 DSCF2836

From the old city wall.

DSCF2823                                                                                                                          When a slave was given freedom it had to be inscribed on this boulder by the amfi theater and it is quite a few names,

The museum showed artifacts found and many were very well preserved. The item that was most spectacular was a head. It probably showed the Greek beauty ideal.

DSCF2838 DSCF2839 DSCF2840                                                                                          W


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