Theth valley

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Theth valley is an isolated mountain valley in the north of Albania. Some scientists say that it is the most isolated valley in Europe. The road in is closed during the winter and it turned out it was opened the day before we used it. Our bus could not drive on the roads, so we changed to smaller four-wheel-drive vehicles. We drove over a pass 2000 meters above sea level. The road up to the pass was narrow but with blacktop. and up, up,up. We saw that clearly on the vegetation, we started in summer and drove into spring and then snow.


But the road changed dramatically in the moment we drove over the pass. No mare blacktop, gravel, potholes,water and narrow. Of course no security and steep fall to the right.


To make things worse we met a truck with trailer on the most narrow part with a steep and long drop to the right. We had to back up several hundred meters until we could pass. The truck could not back up with the trailer.

The road was narrow and it is actually an insult to call it a road, compared to all other roads.

DSCF2983 DSCF2984

Halfway down we got the first glimse of the valley and that looked promising.


Down on the valley floor we found our guesthouse managed by the Harusha family. I got the impression that it was the mother, Lule and the son Niko together with the daughter Sofia who did the work and here are Lule and Niko

Niko og moren                                                                                                                                             Some of the women in the group visited Lule in her “kitchen” and were very impressed and surprised how she made excellent food under very primitive conditions.

The guesthouse was nice. My room was on the top, window number two from right. It was OK even if I had to go down one floor to the bathroom.                                                                                                                                                                    DSCF2993

But it was the surroundings that caught our attention.                                                                                                                   DSCF2990 DSCF2988

Next day we walked sight-seeing down to the local school with only one classroom in use, to the church and to the vendetta tower, and the beauty and the special atmosphere became more and more evident.                                              DSCF2995 DSCF2997b DSCF3002 DSCF3003b DSCF3005

The vendatta tower is part of the system with blood feuds and revenge that was part of the Canun that was the ruling law and regulated every aspect of life for several hundered years. I will write a separate post about the Canun,

If someone had murdered a man and claimed it was justified, he and his family could lock themselves in the tower and stay there until the Elders had decided if the murder was justified. A very strange way of life that in a strange way was interesting.

The drive back went smoother and was as usual shorter and easier.


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