Antoetra – a Zafimaniry village

Click on picture to enlarge.

Zafimaniry is a tribe in the eastern highland and is famous for their wood-carving, which is actually on the UNESCO*s World Heritage List .

We visited a village called Antoetra with about 1000 inhabitants and quite a few houses were built after their tradition, without nails so they can be dismantled and moved. They were also decorated with wood-carving on every paneling and window shutter.

DSCF3255 DSCF3260 DSCF3266

They used three traditional symbols: The sun – symbolizing that we all are together under the same sun, the bee-hive – symbolizing solidarity and that we have to work for each other, and the cob-web – symbolizing that we are linked together in a common destiny.

And kids, kids everywhere, and kids watching kids.

DSCF3259 DSCF3264DSCF3267 DSCF3271

On the way back we met a transport of new wood for the village.


We also came across a family making bricks. They dug up clay from rice paddies, shaped the bricks in a mold, put them in the sun to dry and finally burnt them. They got about one cent per finished brick!



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