Madagascar, the depressing part.

There will be a lot of statistics and figures, but how reliable are they? Making good statstics in Madagascar seems to be next to impossible to me, but here they are. Corresponding Norwegian figures in brackets

The population is estimated to be around 24 million (5) and is growing with 2,6% per year. corresponding to 625 000. (1,13%)

40% is 14 years of age or younger (18), only 3,2% is older than 65 (16). The average woman gives birth to 4,2 children (1,86), infant mortality is 4,4% (0,25).

Physicians per 1000 is 0,16, unevenly distributed, most in urban areas (4,3). Hospital beds per 1000 is 0,2 (3,3).

28% child labour, 50 % below the poverty line. GDP per capita 1400USD (67000USD).

Foreign aid is 70% of the National Budget and 77% av the people live on less than USD 1,25 per day.

From 1950 to 2000 the forested part of the country was reduced with 40% and the erosion is estimated to result in a loss 2of 250-400 tons per hectar per year of fertile soilerosion

(Not my photos)

silting of rivers.((N

I asked the guide about all the kids and he said that in rural areas 75% of the girls had given birth to at least one child when they were 16 years old. I asked if that led to a family and he answered that sometimes the girl pick one she likes of the possible fathers.

It was really hard to experience this and also the fact that nothing seems to improve. The prospect for Madagascar is not good, and we got a feeling about this.


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