Sunset by “The Window of Isalo”

In one of the corners in Isalo National Park lies a rock formation called “The Window of Isalo”: It faces straight west into the sunset.


We wanted to see the sunset and we were there fairly early and that was good, because after a while the place in front of the window was filled with people and they all wanted to take a picture of, exactly, the sunset seen through the window. I gave up that idea as a picture with a lot of necks from strange people was not what I wanted.

The guides served us rum and snacks, and believe it or not, rum with caramel and vanilla is quite tasty and good.

There were other rock formations too that were “photogenic”.

DSCF3626 DSCF3629 DSCF3632

The sunset itself took only a few minutes as it is fairly close to the Equator, but it was spectacular.

DSCF3637DSCF3623 DSCF3635

See: I made it without any necks in the foreground!


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