On the road

Click on picture to enlarge.

There were scenes everywhere along the road and here are some of them.

DSCF3172The highest load I saw.

DSCF3174Chicken for sale!

DSCF3191The rice shop.

DSCF3214Bamboo scaffolding, how safe is it?

DSCF3237 DSCF3451DSCF3532Women carried kids or bags or buckets or both.

DSCF3277 DSCF3540 DSCF3541 DSCF3660

Memorial or burial places.

DSCF3312Some trees have more difficult growing conditions than others.

DSCF3330DSCF3360Rice paddies.

DSCF3282Riding the zebu.

DSCF3342Waiting for the bus.

DSCF3304 DSCF3663Production of rum.

DSCF3394Panning for gold.


May be my favorite picture


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