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We stopped for lunch in a city called Ambohimahasoa (Many cities have names starting with the letter A). The place where we ate was very well hidden, up a small hill, crossing the place in front of a church, through an opening in a stone fence and there was a pavillion with the tables waiting for us. In front of the pavillion was a wooden floor, but I did not pay much attention to that. It turned out the kitchen was some distance away so the host had a few boys and men in shuttle traffic with food, beer, wine etc. The meal was good, among other dishes, local rice and that was really good, very different from Uncle Ben!.


We had almost finished the meal when an “orchestra”, only drums, and 8 women dressed in similar costumes came down the steps and started to dance.

DSCF3317 DSCF3319

After a few dances the women tried to get some of us sturdy Norwegian men to join them and only two of us took the challenge, I and one more. The girl who got me out of my comfort zone was Franchelle (number three from left on the pictures above).

DSCF3321 DSCF3323 DSCF3324

Here she is, a bit Asian?

Well it was not much of a dance. We tried to talk to each other, but we had no language in common. I understood her name was Franchelle. I said thank you for the dance and thought that was the end of it.

DSCF3320Solveig’s photo, my camera.

When we a short time afterwards were on our way back to the bus, I met her again with two beautiful daughters.

epost.telenorSolveig’s photo

She gave me her name and address and said “pictures”. I promised to send some to her, but to be sure I asked our guide what to do. He said she had asked him first if it was OK for her to give me her address, but she made very clear she only wanted pictures, not money! So, of course I will send her pictures, and probably the rest og my local currency.

Her age? I have no idea she could be anywhere from 19 to 30.

It was a nice and special lunch break!


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