So many children

Click on picture to enlarge.

40% of Madagascar’s people is below 14 years old and we experienced that. Everywhere we were we became surrounded by children. Some were begging and some just curious and some carried smaller children. Here is a selection of pictures showing children we met.

DSCF3060 DSCF3265B DSCF3267B DSCF3535Young babysitters.

DSCF3256 DSCF3257 DSCF3271 DSCF3298 DSCF3367 DSCF3404 DSCF3537 DSCF3555 DSCF3659 DSCF3697Most of the time it was more than one.

DSCF3252 DSCF3270 DSCF3464DSCF3299 DSCF3695


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