Various local buisnesses.

I got the impression that most people lived by selling something to each other, so there were small shacks selling stuff everywhere.

DSCF3191 DSCF3193                                      Rice shop.                                                                      Dried fish shop.

DSCF3199DSCF3195                   Recycled aluminum melted and made into  suvenirs   (The molten aluminum is awfully close to his toes)

DSCF3221                                                                                                                            Recycled aluminum tins and electrical wires.

DSCF3471 DSCF3473DSCF3469                      Hand made paper from bark. First boiled, then pounded, dispersed in water, drained to shape, decorated with flowers and dried in the sun. I bought a couple of the finished product. It was used a lot for menus etc.

DSCF3474DSCF3476                                       They collect the pupas from the trees, a relative to the mulberry tree, in the wild. The yarn is made by hand by rolling on the thigh, no spinning wheel in sight.  

DSCF3475                                                                                                                            Then they weave it.

DSCF3289Wood carving, the toes seem very exposed.


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