The high plateau

The high plateau lies 2500-3000 meters above sea level, but is really hilly in places. It is generally fertile as it is vulcanic. What surprised me the most was all the greenhouses, it must have been in the thousands. It turned out they produced roses which was exported to all the world for 1 USD for 5 roses. I assume this was turned around, 5 USD per rose before it was sold.

Even if the nature varied a lot, it was remarkable how much was cultivated often far up the hillsides. In addition to roses they cultivated all sorts of vegetables, potatoes, corn in many varieties, herbs etc. And of course for grazing, lowest cattle, then higher up sheep, then goats, then lamas and highest (4500-5000 meters above sea level), vicunas. (more abouts lamas later.)DSCF3771

Different types of corn.


We could clearly see that the ground was made up from vulcanic dust in the road sides where the road was dug through a hillside.


Apparently the vulcanoes rarely had lava-eruptions


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